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"Designing Sound | Creating Games | Composing Music"



Game Development

ILIKESCIFI Games is an indie game company located in the heart of Europe surrounded by the legendary (and yea... some say also beautiful) Austrian Alps.



Music & Sound Design

Do you need a proper soundtrack for your project? Music, Soundeffects, Mixing - the complete pack? Feel free to ask anything, anytime!



Do you like SciFi? Well... I do!

If it´s bringing just the right touch of science fiction to your project or brainstorming about who´s the better captain (It´s Reynolds) - I´ll be HIGHLY motivated!



SOUND & Game Projects

"It´s way more than just a job - it´s a passion!"


Dragons - Redox & Toggo

Level Design (Game)

Dino Ranch - Redox & Microids

Game Design (Nintendo Switch)


Sound Design (Commercial)

VERBUND eCharging

Sound Design (Video)

Festival Tycoon

Music & Sound Design (Game)

CDM New York

Music & Sound Design (Video)


Interface Sound Design (App)

DM TV Spot

Sound Design (Commercial)


Sound Design & Music (On-Air Design)


Droneshots & Direction (Music Video)

A1now - Feng Sushi

Sound Design (On-Air Design)


Game & Sound Design (AR & VR)


Sound Design & Music (Animation)


Sound Design & Music (Game)


Sound Design & Music (Animation)

In the Garden of Dandelions

Tech Art & Game Design (Game)

Getting started with Fusion

Author (Tech Book)

Palfinger Experience

Sound Design & Music (Animation)


Sound Design (Interactives)


Music & Sound for most our games


"I like games. I like Science Ficion. I like RETRO in style and sound. I LIKE SCIFI Games!"

Space Cowboy

Spaceship in your pocket (In Development)


The Supernatural Fangame (2021)

Space Avenger

SciFi Arena Shooter (2020)


Krautschaedl - The Videogame (2019)

Stompbox Drums

iOS & Android Stomp-Drum App (2018)

Gravity Island

#1 iOS Puzzle Platformer (2016)

Pitiri 1977

Award Winning Platformer (2014)

Drum Buddy

iOS Drum Machine For Your Jams (2015)

WayZ - DayZ Offline Map

#1 DayZ Map for iOS & Android (2013)

Ludum Dare

48 hour Gamejams (since 2012)


iOS Arcade Shoot ´Em Up (2012)

2on1 Airfight

2 Player On 1 Device (2012)

Ace of Mace

Award winning Flashgame (2010)


Games, Music and Science Fiction.

ILIKESCIFI Games is an indie game company located in the heart of Europe surrounded by the Austrian Alps. We are creating our own games like Pitiri 1977, Space Cowboy or Gravitys Island with passion and love for detail. But we are also available for your awesome ideas! Whether it´s a prototype, a complete game or a soundtrack - We´d love to create it! With a focus on 2D games, classic gameplay and an awesome soundtrack - ILIKESCIFI Games will be the right choice! Game On Wayne!

ILIKESCIFI Sound works on all kind of film, game or advertising soundtracks. Our client range covers companies like Red Bull, A1, Knirps, Axess or W&H. And yea of course, we are also creating music and sound for our very own ILIKESCIFI Games!






ILIKESCIFI is a small company. Currently the core team actually consists of me & my plant. BUT together with fantastic freelance artists, we are able to invent and create new awesome GAMES, SOUNDS and SONGS!


Jürgen Brunner

Founder, Developer, Music & Sound Design

"Loves squirrels just as much as Bob Ross!"

Freelance Artists

Working togehter with Artists from planet Earth

"Love Pixelart and Retro Games"

Miss Plant

Freelance Plant - Growing since 2010

"Loves all kind of animals but spiders"


Thank you for your interest in ILIKESCIFI Games! I will try to answer your concern as fast as possible.