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Californ - Album No.5 / 2009

Recorded in Los Angeles, in a dumpy little flat in Hollywood. What a fantastic city, what a great bunch of people. I fell in love with california.


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Cpt. of the truth - Album No.4 / 2008
Vampires Inc. - Album No.2 / 2007
Mute city - Album No.2 / 2007
Parsec Project - Album No.1 / 2005

Cpt. of the truth is my personal statement for all my previous life at this time. Life is tough, and life hits you in the face more than one time.

And the truth is something, you´re better not looking for, it will beat you up too.

The cover tells us everything. Of course it is written for a girl, and of course it is a mixture of very happy and very sad songs.

"Welcome to Ouza" The 5th Season Album No 2. / 2006


"Log 10" The 5th Season Album No 1. / 2004



Mute City is the first track of every F-Zero Game by Nintendo. It is one of those songs that put me into the world of musiccreation.

Parsec Project was my first release. The sound was cracky and noise. But my friends loved it. And some people in vienna came to my show everytime.

I started to make music when I realized that I can not hear what I wanna hear on radio stations in Austria.

A band means fun. It means endless rehearsals, gallons of beer, festivals and most of it: Rock and roll!



5 Cd´s.... Well, I guess that means I need a BEST OF ;) Download the Pre Version of it HERE (Remastered in Salzburg / Austria).


The Mfg Magacine is an austrian art magacine for Audio, Animation, Design and Videoartists.

Publication of a couple of songs of mine in 2 years in a row.

The Task was to visualize a song. I tried to put put my feelings and emotions about a song to paper with oil. The book is written by Karin Kaineder, Birgit Gurtner & Heike Sperling.